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A lot of pressure


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So at work we were visited by CQC and were downgraded to inadequate for a number of reasons. They've really picked on the manager and she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm the only permanent nurse in the building as the deputy is off sick with cancer. My boss has been off all week, likely stress related so everything is now falling down on me. I like a challenge but if she is off on long term sick I'll be on my own. We have got regional support coming in and helping but I'll be the one in charge. I'm getting tired and I really need my annual leave in a couple of weeks time but I have a feeling it will be cancelled. I'm exhausted as I've not had any time off since August. I just don't want to burn out.
Sorry that this is happening.
I'm exhausted as I've not had any time off since August. I just don't want to burn out
I think it's ok to put your foot down on this. I'm not sure how the bureaucracy works, but it seems like the people who are saying your facility is inadequate also have a responsibility to provide the support needed to make it adequate. Maybe it would help to remind them that you have a disability?

In any case, just pushing on until you break isn't a good solution for anyone. If you let them know in advance that you need to (and will) take your planned leave, the easier it will be for them to find someone to fill in.


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I don't know how medical personnel anywhere are finding the strength and courage to deal with this. It has to be both mentally and physically exhausting. I just hope you realize how much you are needed and appreciated. And I hope HUGE thank you is provided when all this is over. And that changes are made to all medical systems so we are better prepared to this should it happen again.


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I empathize for your pressures. From what you tell of your situation, it must be overwhelming! In fact, in light of the viral crisis, it's dreadfully stressful Overwork for medical workers as a whole. Hopefully you find relief soon.

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