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A Lot On My Plate This Week

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First what some folks might consider to be a minor issue. The heat. We have a heat wave going on for the week, possibly longer. Temps in the 90s to 100 with air humidity levels into the 70% range. So very humid too. I worry how with my health issues and car issues I will ever survive this week.

Suicide has come to my community. Where I live, about every 8 miles or so, is another town. And 3-4 of them have populations over 15,000. Most have around 8000 or less. One such town, has a population of 400. Just outside of that town, in a country home, a 35 year old woman, killed her 2 boys, 9 and 11 yrs of age. Then mortally wounded herself and lit the house on fire. The house was fully engulfed when her husband came home. one of my best friends was the kids music teacher at the grade school they attended. She is devastated as is the community at large.

Next, just found out this morning, a classmate of mine, died over the weekend in Arizona when he and his wife were on bought and were thrown somehow from it into the water in a lake and drowned.

Next....I just found out this weekend the date of my neice's wedding. And that wedding invites went out, and I wasnt invited.

Oh and my diverticultis is acting up. And, my Mom has ulcerative colitis, and there is genetic marker in my body for that.



I almost forgot, one of my best friends, was riding his motorcycle, lost control, crossed the center line and struck a car head on. Been in critical condition for past week, had emergency branin surgery yesterday morning.


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Bill, I'm sorry to hear about the classmate you knew and lost and about the incidents in your local area. That's a big load that has been placed on your shoulders and heart this week. It's a lot to take in and process. I'm sorry you're not feeling well physically into the bargain. That just adds to the stress.

Please be gentle with yourself. Take things one a day at a time, one hour or even one minute at a time, if necessary. Stay safe, hun.
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