A ltter I want to send to my new boss.

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  1. Raven

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    I have made mistakes in my life, I have paid so dearly for them, I had hoped you were not just a yes man, that hope lies dashed. I will be nothing more than a drone, that is all you want and I guess that is ok. You could have had so much more, you could have stepped up and been somebody but things will never change and I understand that. Please don’t try and be friends with me that will never happen as we are far too different. Its ok you are my boss and I your employee, that is all I need, I just hate having to be so cold, even for me the distance I must have from you and everyone else seems so ice cold, but I will be politically correct. I can act the part, I can wear the mask, and it is my place to never be me.

    You can’t understand, thirty years, I am enjoying the time I have left, I can smile, I have made friends so important, I have done enough, I will smile in the end, I am not afraid, I have accepted more than you would ever know. I will be what you want, a mindless drone, the funny thing … I where the metaphorical mask for you, and the real mask to truly be me. I could have been so much more, but I will be the masquerade you wish for.

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    Hi Corvuise
    I am really sorry that your boss does not respect you enough to want no more than a drone. It seems that if each person could be encouraged to give their very best, what great things could happen. Working together for the higher good. It seems that everyone deserves that. And not enough are actually allowed to be their best. I hope your boss can change his ways. btw, I too live in a snowy place. But I have a feeling its not near your snowy place :D
  3. Raven

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    I have dug my own grave have I not? But years ago I was afraid, and now I have nothing left to fear, I can say I am ready, for whatever comes next, I live life on the cusp and my own mortality hangs on a knifes edge, but I am not afraid anymore. The things I could do for you, the things I could accomplish but silent I shall remain. When the time comes a tear should never be shed, you would not understand, nor am I your friend, you’re pale; your buddy, I am just an employee. And that is all I want, we are far too different you and I, so dispense with the small talk, as little as I care for your life you care for mine, I do not need you to be my “friend”. The ones I have are more then you could ever hope to be. No more games, just honesty, but that will never happen. We must dance the dance I am so suck of, you were a mask to be what you pretend to be, I where one in what I wish I could be.

    Family is what should matter, how is it that I am more human then you? That is what keeps me up at night.