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    There's this man I once knew and loved....or maybe it was just a dream from so long ago. I haven't stopped loving him but the circumstances in which we met were quite traumatic and we could not be together. I miss him and need him greatly in my life now. It seems stupid to be throwing hope out on the wind like this hoping the wind will somehow carry my message to him. But I will try anyway and I will do it anonymously.

    Do you remember the photos from the plane? It was the first time I saw my home from above. But the whole experience was just so weird. You guys looked so damn tired. I guess that's what happens when you work at night.

    I remember that more confusing night when you asked if I was okay. I remember another night as well where I was panicking and trying to run away from everything. That was all so scary and I didn't understand.

    I hate hoping you will again show up in my life. It hurts too much and I'm already on the edge of death. I have these vivid images of cutting my wrist extremely deep and watching the blood flow my life away. They are very vivid.

    I miss you dearly even if seeing you again bring back hidden memories and great pain. Where are you now and will you come back to me?
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