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A Message To Everyone.

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Folks, I was here about a week ago, with the thoughts of suicide, which happened to be my anxiety talking. Since I've gotton it under control, I sort of had the "Me." poking out. I never really realized this before, but, this "Me." can be a pretty big asshole at times. No wondor I didn't get many reponses on my blogs in some of those gaming websites. Okay, the point is...

If I said idiot or dumb in any of your threads, I'm not calling you, the person an idiot or dumb. I'm refering to suicide itself as ignorant, stupid, idiotic, or dumb. I've thought of, and even done ignorant, stupid, idiotic, and dumb things in my life time. That doesn't mean I'm dumb. So, when I said suicide is dumb, I'm not saying you're dumb and if I did so happen to call you that directly, my apologies, my ignorance and lack of thinking before I speak.

The "Tough Guy." Was ment to have positive results. The message may have sounded like I was pushing this guy into killing himself, but, the whole idea was actually the opposite. I know we're suppose to give these people loving care, but, sometimes, I don't feel like it's enough. This person seemed he was commited to his plan. Nothing, not a kiss, not a hug, was going to stop him. He had it set up, ready to go. The idea is to prevent a suicide, and that was my plan, and I felt my words were to make it so. Like I said, not you, me, or anyone else could make his choice and I hope to God he didn't pull it off. I gave him reasons for not giving himself the end, good reasons. Sometimes you have to put it in their head, make them think hard about what they're doing, and that's what I had planned to do.

But, you want me to be honest? I'll give a good honest opinion about what I truley think about suicide and what I say is nothing held back.

You know, when I seen how short life truely is, the fear held me inside for quite some time, then, I said, no.. I need to live this. It's short and no matter what, I can always seem to fine some kinda good out of it. If I have a problem in life, it falls like sweat down my face, because life is already too short to be worried about small things.

When you spend your time dwellin on, "OH my, my girlfriend or wife left me!" You've just wasted so much time when all you had to do was take a couple deep breaths, cringe you teeth and fist if you had to, and keep looking foward, finding something else to do in life. There's more than enough in this world that needs to be accomplished and people out there who needs help. Why think about stopping it over a few financial problems, divorces, lost jobs, failed attempts?

When you look at these things. Usually, they can be solved, might take a hell of a hard time; they can be looked over, worked out or put to the side. My honest opinion. And I'll really put it out there. If you're planning on giving up just the slightest good thing life has to offer, and honestly, one of those good things is just a breath of life, then, that is a stupid and ignorant thing to do. It'll be like someone giving you a big pile of money, but you say nah, take it back, just for the fact that there's a bit of taxes on it.

A car can give hell sometimes, just as much as a computer, but, they can also offer so much convenience and ease. It's the same with life. It can be tempermental, but, it's always worth it in the long run. ALWAYS! Death means no more chances of getting it right. As long as there's a fresh of living breath, you can always work things out and get things together. Life is what you make it, ya dig?

and.. if you're so close to the edge that none of these words matter, I suggest instead of tying that rope around your neck, you tie your hands to the bed post until the wave of dread passes over. Shout, scream. Do whatever in the hell you got to. Just, don't do it. It's just the overwhelming sense of failure and doom, and no hope talking. It's not "You." and you know it.
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