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A Message To Friends

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I wish I could find the words.

Life can be so much better than it is now if only we could pull together to make it that way, if only we could see each other through this pain and make the possible, real. I know we can make it happen.

So young, barely had a start to life, there are so many wonderful things ahead of you, if only you could get yourself through this. People have fought these battles before and won, theres no reason why you cant win, why you cant come out the other side.

I wish you would seek out the treatment and advice that could make the world of differance. I wish you would use your friends for support. I wish we could talk like we once did, so I could help take your mind to another place, a better place.

My friends, lets get back to support, lets get back to being positive and believing in a future, lets all get the help we need to make that future a reality. We can make it happen, together we can achieve anything! I KNOW we can!

A message of support to my friends. Ester & Vikki.

Sa Palomera

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Please don't bother Matt. I can't talk anymore. I just can't. I know y'all do not understand it, I barely understand it myself.

But thank you for the lovely words anyway. :hug:
Matt i really don't know what to say. Im just fucked up i guess. Your words made me cry. I wish i could you my friends for support, but y'all have your own problems to deal with, i let myself add to them. I just can't.
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