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A mini victory of mine . . ^^

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Ok, i just moved about a year ago here in SWEDEN
well it's kind of wierd considering i lack alot in confidence over myself .
although i can get a bit annoying at times . .
but ok this is the story . . .

One person here who extremely became my friend was without my knowledge being teribly bullied, he was bigger and taller than the rest of us guys but he seems to be a gentle beast . . he always was . .
he's a mama's boy if i may add, and he doesn't believe in inflicting pain to others . .

But others give him a hard time always, he's strong but not strong . .

ok so after almost a year of tortue to him, i finally decided to make a little counter.attack . . .
I caught them one morning in the act of making fun with my friend . .
so i went to them and i clearly remember more or less every word . . .

Bully: ei (name) man!!! wtf happened to your book?
Friend: My book? what do you mean?
Bully: omg Look! *points*
Friend: *looks*
Bully: *smacks him on the head sooo fucking HARD!!!*
Me: Sup man? you're about to blow his head off!!^_^
Bully: Do you think i care??
Me: I can see that!!
Bully: Then why the fuck do you care as well?
Me: Why do you think i care??
Bully: Just fuck off man!
Me: Hey! that's what (friend's name) should say!!, the question is . .
you tell me to fuckoff, but you yourslef can't do that?
Bully: I swear dude, i'm gonna fuck you up so fucking bad!!!
Me: Dumbass, you replace every word that isn't in your vocabulary with the
word "fuck", i feel sorry for you dude, just sad . .
- grabbed me by the collar -
Me: *pushes him off* don't fucking touch me, you homo!
-he stayed quiet for a while and then launches a careless punch which i expected-
-He was able to hit me somwhere in my shoulders since i turned sideways-
-Got back by an unoticeable elbow hit in the ribs - (since i was sideways)
(thank you sensei Mike) hahahaXDXDXD
I did more damage by just countering his attack . . .
He ended up curling and crouching in pain

P.S. his punch hurt . . lool


The biggest loser ever to live.
Hey thats great, that asshole totally deserved it and I'm happy for you, I wish I could have done that to all the kids that tortured and bullied me, good for you. I know I shouldnt be happy over another suffering but he deserved it.


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it's something i wouldn't normally do . .
but you wouldn't believe what courage comes to you at times you feel someone needs you . .
coz i can understand, when i needed someone no one was there . .
when i screamed all i heard was an echo, . .
when i fell the ground broke my fall .
i was left with nothing but myself . .
but see, i'm here right now . . stronger than ever . .

I'd prolly get some revenge from him but i'm used to pain anyway, i might actually enjoy it . . ^^

But my principle is, unless you hit me, i won't initiate a fight . .
if you hit me once, i'll hit you once . no more no less .
i believe in equality . . . lool^^


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Good for you. I am glad you did that. I can still kind of remember how good it felt when I couldn't stand up for myself so someone else did it for me. I'm sure your friend is very grateful that you did that.

Congratulations on your victory! :biggrin:


Goodjob =D

I remember when I was being bullied at school back before my bones started seriously acting up three people would always try to attack me outside of school, then one day I got so pissed off I broke his jaw and took off :/


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Me: Dumbass, you replace every word that isn't in your vocabulary with the
word "fuck", i feel sorry for you dude, just sad . .

Gotta remember that one :laugh:
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