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A new challenge


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Good evening everyone
So straight to the point: I have depression for the last 10 years, a really debilitating one. All this time and for the time being I've seen a therapist and took my medicine
All this time I was practically in a vegetative state, no work no study no social life no nothing, I just survived day after day
During this time I decayed in many aspects. I used to be smart and kind and funny and loved and stuff
But now I'm facing the problems of the loss of one of those characteristics that I never had to deal with: Social skills
I have a REALLY shit self esteem. Everything I do I think is bad, everything I say is bad
So when I have to talk to someone it's just suffering. To my therapist, to my mom, to my best friend, to my sister... Even being seeying in the streets makes me want to run away and extremelly anxious
Even talking to someone in the comments of Youtube is pain. It's terrible, I've never been like this. I used to be pretty cool and enjoy a lot conversations with strangers
Do you have any suggestions to give me? What can I do?
Thank you


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I'm so sorry that you are struggling right now with this...you clearly have an inner strength so hold tightly onto that. I wondered if you had talked to your therapist about this change as they may have some suggestions or maybe consider a change in medication? Sending you positive thoughts for the day and encourage you to keep posting as you are not alone.
Sorry that you're going through this
Do you have any suggestions to give me?
The links in my signature have some information about treatment methods, including some self-treatment methods.

Have you talked to your therapist about self-esteem and social skill issues?

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