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A Note To All Teenagers In School...

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Things get better.

When you are an adult, you will barely remember school and the people who bullied you.

The best revenge is success.

Try to survive, as things do get better.

High school sucks.


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Peronally, I DO very much remember the bullying from school and people - I know it was meant with every good intention to say that you will barely remember it, but perhaps that is not true for everyone. Those experiences in our formative can't help but shape us a bit. But in time the acute sharp edges of those experiences, that may be so raw at the time, do start to fade a bit. However you are right that it *does* get better after school - you can find your own path in life, your onw way, find your own niche and surround yourself with people who you want to be around you and who respect you. Of course there may always be that person at work who you really don't get on with, but it is not like school, things ARE better - hang in there.
Sorry to be negative, but I think it depends of the severity of the bullying. Trust me, when you've been so badly bullied you don't talk for 2 years of your life, yiu remember it. But over time it does get easier to deal with.
It's a really nice thing to say that and I really hope it's true for the majority of people here, but five years later I still get flashbacks every day
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