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  1. transparent

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    What if some of us were meant for this? What if it's in the cards to feel this pain? To hate living? To take one's life? To be a nothing?
    Not everyone can have a speaking role in a play. Not everyone can get their name in the credits. Some must be a supporting case member. A crew member. The boom-mic guy. The coffee runner.
    What if some of us really aren't meant to be saved? What if some are just unfinished thoughts or incomplete sentences or doodles on a napkin?
    What if you /are/ one of these people? What if you know you are? If you are simply meant to be used. An example. An experiment. Constants and variables.
    I've seen nothing in this life of mine to tell me I'm otherwise. I've thought of this theory since I was 10 when I first attempted.
    The people around me, in an out of my life, the situations in my life have never suggested otherwise.
    What then?
    What if I'm right? Wouldn't one still have a purpose in life, even if that purpose were to be a nothing?
  2. itmahanh

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    Precisely! Been on that exact same soapbox for too many years. It is better to be good at being nothing, than wasting all your effort at being nothing anyway. Kind of feels like something, for me at least, to know that someone else knows, just like me, what a nothing has known for way too long. Thank you transparent.
  3. transparent

    transparent Well-Known Member

    It's somewhat of a comfort to me too in knowing I'm not the only on this box.
  4. sudut

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    transparent, I beg to disagree with you on this one. life is ups and down. your purpose is not 'nothing' as you have said.
  5. Invisible Child

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    I have the same thoughts at times. I often think that maybe by my life ending it will help another in their life. When I ask this question I get looked at like I'm crazy. But let's look closer at the way we are feeling here. Let's just say that I take my own life (just saying) and because of my actions one of my loved ones or even a close friend (if I had any) loves and values life more. It's like I'm a pawn or some sort.

    You are not alone hun but to me you are also not a nothing. You are a very special person. I'm here for you when you need me. Gentle hugs to both of you.