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  1. poisonedresistance

    poisonedresistance Well-Known Member

    the past
    the present
    the future
    all rolled into one
    listening to the bells
    listening to the song.

    opening up
    feeling alive
    taking a chance
    doing more than

    see the souls
    who walk their path
    and all of those
    who invoke our wrath

    remember this
    do not let go
    we are ALL learning
    so it must be so.

    a note of warning
    so head the words
    our time is precious
    dont follow the herds

    if you find a friend
    a true friend it must be
    to invest time in them
    so you can both SEE

    a friend that is pure
    is a friend that is fair
    will share the BURDENS
    that you both bear.

    by a former sheep x
  2. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    true dat.
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