A perfect world

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    I live in a big castle with many big bright halls. The castle is made out of white marble and adobe and other smooth materials with warm colours, like yellow or orange. The roofs are high and there are many big windows. The air is always fresh and without dust. In many places the windows have no glass, they are simply open archways. In a few the glass is stained. The roofs can be removed. Not like in sports cars, but with some lever, or maybe a donkey weel, that makes the roof open in a circular motion. In some halls there is no roof at all, and there is no need for one. It is always summer here. Sometimes there is snow, because snow is nice, it's only nice to have halls covered in snow for a while, like in Goblet of Fire.

    The castle has no moat because there are no enemies. It is surrounded by rivers and lakes, forests and plains, and in the distance, mountains. The area is green with pines and spruces, there are plants and exotic trees of all the colours of the rainbow. The sun always shines and the temperature is comfortable. Colourful birds chirp peacefully and fly in flocks now and then, from tree to tree.

    I am not alone in my world nor my castle. I have a dog. Maybe several. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel perhaps, and one of the kind my sister has. Friends, true friends, visit often, some live in the castle with me, everyone is free to live there if and when they want. We go for walks in the forests; we go exploring, finding ancient ruins and discover exciting things; we go for hikes in the mountains; we sit and sip mojitos on my balconies.

    At nights I sit with them on the balconies, watch the stars, pet my dog(s) and all is well.