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A permanent solution to temporary problems.

Hello all,
I don't know who this will reach or who will even take the time to read this. I just want you to know that I WANT YOU HERE. If you have hurt others in the past, have done drugs or have driven drunk.....if you're mean or nice, have straight A's or straight F's in all of your classes, chubby or skinny......if you have blonde, blue or orange hair......if you're abused or treated like royalty......if you're rich or poor......if you play soccer or baseball......if you're older or younger......I WANT YOU HERE. Suicide/suicidal thoughts DO NOT discriminate against anybody and it is very important to understand that. Years ago I suffered with severe suicidal thoughts and have even attempted at certain points.....but then, a very good friend said one sentence to me that changed my life "Suicide is a very permanent solution to temporary problems". For me it clicked instantly, maybe for you it might not but it is definitely something to think about. I am not going to get all corny and say that "so many people love you and you need to just love yourself and get through it and yadda yadda yadda...." because I remember that when I was in a dark place, sentences like those made me feel even more lonely....weird isn't it? Anyways, I just came here to say that I want you to be here (on this forum, on this planet, and wherever else "here" is).


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Hey, Kate. I'm glad you overcame your depression, that is amazing, well done and thanks for your lovely post *hug

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