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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by nothing-, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. nothing-

    nothing- Guest

    i don't even know if anyone will even be able to answer this...

    i am very depressed and have low self esteem. i know there are steps i can take that will make me feel better. it probably sounds strange, but i just feels impossible to find the willpower to even do anything.

    i want to get over my depression. i have goals and dreams for the future. i just can't find the will to even get started
  2. Here is my tupence worth from another thread.

    "Thats the trouble with depression, in a way it can become very comforting and safe, everything is predictable, you're never dissapointed, because you have no expectations, you never wonder why you sad because you're always sad, you never talk things over because you distance your self from all the people you would normaly talk things through with."

    Why risk being hurt again.

    Why risk failing.

    Why bother.

    Why ... ?
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    pefectly put Older.

    Nothing, u need to get the depression lifted at least a little bit and them the rest will feel so much easier.
  4. AliveAndAwake

    AliveAndAwake Active Member

    I don't have any motivation either. No goals, and no hope for a future. I am so confused of a person, but very self loathing at the same time. I regret every choice I make. I am a very selfish person. And what is really strange, no matter how much I hate myself, if I were given just a glimmer of accomplishment or chance of any kind, I become vain and arrogant which eventually backfires on me and then I start becoming regretful and then self loathing again. It's pathetic, I know.
  5. tip

    tip Guest

    Very well put older, there is deifnately a comfort zone in depression that keeps people locked in.

    I'm gonna be a bit bold and you can have a go at me if you want, but I think maybe your scared, nothing. Your scared that if you DO try you won't succeed anyway so why try? Maybe your scared of what might happen if you try and fail...and don't try because you have that comfort in your mind of "well I could do it if I tried". I say this because I think I have these tendencies too.

    My low self-esteem makes me think I will fail at everything....so I don't try and when I do fail its due to my lack of effort and makes me feel ok. It sounds very strange I know but it happens - you would rather be comfortable in failure than risk yourself in the pursuit of success. In your mind you don't try because your scared if you and you fail..then you really are a loser, but if you don't try it feels better because its not failure in terms of ability its filure in terms of effort--->your terms.

    And people are so quick to jump on the medication bandwagon, thats something I don't believe in because you become over-reliant on it and thats not getting better thats just avoiding the problem.

    I think you need think about WHY you lack the willpower..what your goals and dreams are and how you can start achieveing...even babysteps towards them are a good way forwards.

    to truly win...you must first be ready to accept defeat.

    sorry if i've missed the mark but thats my 10 pence

    aliveandawake...I get that too..when I succeed I show off but in time it bites me in the ass, and I just hate myself for kidding myslef into thinking I was achieveing. Maybe you need to assess your life and make some (even small) goals. I dunno about the self-loathing...I wish I had the cure for that too.
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