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    It is a nice poem, it helped me when I lost a dear loved one.

    It might help other people I thought :)

    Life is always ever turning, and the night is always breathing.
    The wind carries our hopes and our dreams to far off places where it seems
    That someone else can get a beautiful thing.

    The terrors of the night get taken by the ground
    And then grow into flowers to let you all know,
    That with each death or sadness something beautiful comes out
    And out stands all of sorrow.
    With each breath of the night comes a whisper of angels,
    That are just trying to untangle all this unfortunate events
    And this sadness that vents into the lives of others around you
    But know that with each flower there is someone looking out for you.

    That for each flower is someone up there's view of your life,
    So they are always with you through out your life
    And in the cover of the night.

    Even if you can't hear them, just know that they are there and
    Always watching you for the ones that have died
    Cannot bear being without the world they were once in.
    Especially you, the one they love no matter what they say,
    And they tell you that they are okay...
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    how nice :) thanks for sharing! have a nice day :IrishDoll:
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    Thank you for sharing take care