A poem about starting to move on...

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  1. I'm tired of missing you,
    Tired of being sad,
    I don't want you to think
    That I wouldn't wait here
    Forever for you to return.
    But spring is coming,
    And Mom is sick,
    And my husband's getting older,
    And my novel is calling.
    And it's been so very damn long
    Since I could enjoy just driving,
    Just driving and singing,
    Just singing and laughing.

    And so I am leaving you for a while.

    You will always be here in my heart
    With the tears and the sadness,
    Ready to bring out
    On special occassions,
    But right now my sun is up.
    And I feel happy
    And I'm tired of being sad
    And I know you would like it
    If we all sang together
    In the happy sunshine
    And stopped missing you
    For a day.

    In the 2 1/2 years since my father died, I've written a lot of dark things. But I thought I would share something I wrote when I was fighting my feelings of guilt for living, for going forward in my life. In this instance, I think I was winning that fight. My depression always hurt, and then when my father died everything hurt so much more. But we all have to keep trying--writing it down, talking about it--because we live. That's what we do. So keep going. And here's hoping the next time your sun is up, you feel free to take advantage of the time.
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