a poem about trash (not mine)

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    I translated this so it probably won't be in its perfect form, but it expresses some things I think much better then anything I can say, with a bit of hope:

    And this is a ballad about the garbage disposal of the world
    About dreams that were too short, bought and then thrown away
    About different feelings, of love and adventure, hours already forgotten and days already passed

    With the old newspaper the words go, the important and majestic words that wrote down the history
    Or maybe just stories, gunshots, that go straight trough the brain and into oblivion

    Love letters, papers tied with strings, memories of one life or maybe just of one night
    Loves already finishes, loves destroyed, loves as big as the garbage bin

    An ocean of take them and leave them, endless machinery of high technology and low humanity
    Toys for the grown ups who can't comprehend
    That games are over and nothing is right anymore

    Clothes with brand names, fashionable just few hours ago
    And in this naked world its good that at least tailors get to enjoy, that they wrap their nothingness over mine and I can fool myself

    I can fool myself that something maybe shouldn't be thrown away, that something might remain
    Even if its just a scream of madness and freedom
    Hope that it will turn into a bird that will manage to fly out of its nest

    Yes of course, even after we are gone, the whole sea of trash will stay behind
    To witness how everything went wrong, how we were fit to been thrown away too without even realizing

    But from this ballad about the garbage disposal of the world
    Ill only save that scream of the escape from the nest
    Wings still insecure underneath the sky of fear

    "I don't know if there is a future
    But ill challenge it with flight"
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