A poem I just wrote.

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    A storm is growing
    You can see it in my eyes,
    Once filled with love, replaced with fury and despise.

    You reach out your hand, but I want to be alone
    I turn my back on you, my family and my home.

    You can not see I’m broken,
    I hide it well behind my smile,
    Until out of desperation I push you away once in a while.

    The clouds are coming, this is the calm before the storm
    You whisper oh so softly, come to me I’ll keep you warm.

    I know death is my answer, as I have so little faith.
    I cry out to the darkness, why must you make me wait?

    I no longer feel safe inside,
    My mind I must not trust,
    For if I listen for too long,
    Death will become a Must.

    I believe in ghosts, and phantoms,
    They haunt me day and night
    They come to me in shadows,
    They’re always in my sight.

    My heart is badly hurting,
    But I couldn’t tell you why,
    All I know for certain, is you’ll never see me cry.
    I must break free of this prison, walls of depression and despair.
    I can’t believe my thoughts right now, they tell me know one cares.

    My heart maybe broken,
    My soul maybe torn apart,
    But if I keep on trying,
    Perhaps the healing can truly start.

    I know deep down inside me,
    Is an angel with wings to spare,
    It’s grace and strength will guide me,
    If I’m willing to take the dare.

    A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step,
    To heal a broken soul I can imagine will be the same,
    A single step for me will be letting go of all my pain.

    To tell you I’m not scared would be a blatant lie,
    I only have two options,
    Chose to live, or chose to die.