A poem to myself(may trigger)

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  1. The insanity I'm cursed with

    When all the blame rests with me
    I've seen as much as I can see
    All that I now see....
    Is that it's me vs. me
    All the things I keep inside
    Everything I try to hide
    Nothing will escape my grasp
    I now know that I'm the last
    Everything you've ever done
    Promises of dreams to come
    All these things I tolerate
    I find out that It's me I hate
    Nothing's worse than all the pain
    I'm the only one to blame
    Nothing more will come of this
    I'm the one I'll always miss
    In the end I know I hate
    Never then will I escape
    All of this I cannot take
    You're the only one I hate
    Driven past insanity
    All the blame now rests with me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.