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    The tears that fall from our eyes we can always wipe away
    But this aching in our heart, is something that’ll always stay
    But she is peacefully sleeping; resting at last
    Her trials and troubles have become her past

    Gone is the beauty of her face we loved so dear,
    Silent is the sweet voice we loved to hear
    Although you are too far away for sight or speech,
    Never too far are you for our thoughts to reach.

    The months have grown day by day
    Its three years since the day you went away
    You’ll forever live on in our hearts and our minds
    For we are the people that you left behind.

    R.I.P <3
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  2. Sadeyes

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    Re: Three years

    All I can say is so sorry for your loss...J
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    Re: Three years

    I too am sorry for you loss and your sadness and pain hugs
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    Re: Three years

    This actually made me cry.
    Its brilliantly perfect.


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    Re: Three years

    :hug: Lucy, just beautiful.
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    Re: Three years

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    Re: Three years

    That is such a sad and sweet poem.
  8. TheOncomingStorm

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    Re: Three years

    Thanks for your responses guys :grouphug: