A poetic explanation for obsession: intro to me as sylviaplath

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by sylviaplath, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. sylviaplath

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    To My Sister Letter #2

    Sylvia, you did this
    I believe you, you were here
    But I still think that you are
    In someplace not unlike my own
    I believe you, Sylvia,
    They have their doubts
    But they don't get it
    They simply can't understand
    Sylvia, you are my sister
    I know we've never met
    But we could have and I still
    Would have loved you,
    I would have still loved you.
    Sylvia you can't say that you never made it
    Because I know that you did,
    You made it as far as you could go
    Thirty-one is amazing when it comes to us.
    And if I live until thirty-one, Sylvia,
    It would make us sixty-two
    We would have made it, understand we can
    I know you Sylvia, I get it
    And I believe you.
    If you were beside me, Sylvia
    I would have the courage
    To do it with you.
    But that isn't what you'd want
    There was nothing that you wanted
    Yet you needed a lot
    And it became too late, I get it
    I get why you're not here
    But Sylvia, there's our difference,
    That's our difference
    Come back, live a little
    And we'll write a novel
    of the truth
    Of our truth, the modern Bell Jar
    If you belive me, and I believe you,
    Then we'll go down screaming together,
    A full attack on cruelty
    Then they might know what it is
    Maybe once we crack and gush
    Into the concrete...
    They'll belive us.
    It has to be true.
  2. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Hey...this is really beautiful. I can feel the emotion there though I may not be able to relate completely. But I guess I still can understand. Welcome... :welcome:
  3. sylviaplath

    sylviaplath Member

    Thank you! It means alot!

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