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a positive message

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Sa Palomera

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Today I'm feeling good. :)s*

The past week I've been doing really really bad, as y'all probably have noticed. I've been rude, mean, ignorant and well now I'm under moderation, which I completely deserve hehe :shy:

BUT, then Saturday evening I went to see a gig. There were 3 bands playing: Unas, The Limbs (in which my housemate plays bassguitar) and another band which was crap and I cant remember much of :laugh:
(you can check out Unas at www.unas.nl and the Limbs at www.myspace.com/thelimbs666 btw :smile: )
Because they were all heavy metal/trash metal/gore grind bands, there was LOADS of beer of which I had a few, but it went straight to my head because my mate Chrissy and I started headbanging like crazy, as well as starting moshpits and such (now I'm sore and bruised all over my body btw :dry: )
then when I got back home I've been on skype with some peeps until like 7 or 8am, can't remember really how long, I woke up yesterday, late in the evening, it was all cosy downstairs, cos many housemates were in the livingroom and we chatted and all, it was nice.

then today about 11.30am my mate Chrissy came into my room and woke me up. At first I was a bit pissed about it, cos I just wanted to sleeeeeeeeeep, but then she said she made me breakfast, so I was all happy.
Chrissy is great, she makes me breakfast every now and then and she's sweet, she looks after me, kind of :tongue:

She even got me to clean :ohmy: we cleaned the house together, to make it look pretty and clean. Of course it was her mopping the kitchen and living room and vacuum clean the entire house and clean the walls and the bathroom and the trashcan, and I just kinda did the dishes (well put them in the dishwasher lol ) and cleaned one little pile of dust before I discretely went to the toilet to make a brownie. So yeah basically she did everything and I just helped by giving her some more to do after I'd payed a visit to the loo :tongue: and of course I make everything fun to do.. okay that's a bit big-headed, let me put it differently: we inspire each other to have fun, and then it IS fun, except for when we get really started, then it isn't that much fun anymore for the people around us LOL

Then 3 girls from the same area as Chrissy and I come from, rolled into the house to see what it's like. There's 3 empty rooms in the house and they want to move in this Summer. Of course, honest as we are, we told them also all the negative things about living here. Though I'm sure that men don't see that as negative... hihi (ladies -read Chrissy and I- running around the house topless etc.)
They were really nice and we had a laugh with them.

Life is so great right now :biggrin:

yay for me and yay for Chrissy and yay for SF and yay for life and yay for every single one of you

and YAY for crisps and redbull

and YAY for being too lazy to cook tonight.

and hi from Chrissy to all of you

and YAY for YAY-ing!!!!!! :biggrin:

and YAY for being the odd but fun person I am :tongue:
before I discretely went to the toilet to make a brownie.

Gosh, theres no teaching you lol

YAY for you!! :biggrin: I'm joining you in that good mood :tongue:

Say hi to Chrissy for me :tongue:


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Gratz. :) I'm not much good with words, to be honest, so I'll keep it at this. But it's good to hear that there are people out there feeling good who actually deserve it. ^^

Jij was toch Nederlands, of niet? :P Zo ja moeten we praten. ^^ Ik kan wel wat Nederlanders gebruiken om mee te praten, als je 't niet erg vind. :) 't Liefst wel op MSN, want ik zag dat je PM's uit hebt staan... Komt door dat under moderation gebeuren, of niet?

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
more positive news: today, If I'm not mistaken that is, I'll be taken off moderation! :biggrin: I was being told it'd last for a week if I'd behave. Well I've behaved nicely, because, and here's even more good news: I haven't had a single hashcookie since last Saturday and haven't had any alcohol since sunday, except for half a glass of bacardi/coke on monday evening. :biggrin:

it's all looking up for me, if you look at the big picture. :smile:

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
and another positive message. Jeez, you guys should thank Chrissy, my housemate. She's AMAZING :biggrin: bless her! Thanks to her I had another amazing day. :smile:

First, this morning we sat and layed in the sun on the grass with some RedBull, music on, singing, dancing, just chillin' :smile:
Then when we were out of cigs, we borrowed the landlord's car and went to go get some more cigarettes and icelollies lol. On our way back home we went to give a whole pack of icelollies to another student home nearby and then we decided not to go home but to just go for a random drive.
We ended up in a town about 30 mins away from our home, where Chrissy cleans and rides and all with some horses and we took one of the horses for a walk. :smile: the sun was shining it was nice and warm so yeh it was really really nice. Then we came back home, but stopped at the river nearby. There we wanted to walk with our feet in it. I did so, but Chrissy took it a step further and decided to swim in it :laugh: well that's what she did, of course I took some photos with my phone ghehe. Then we went back home. She in the whirlpool/bubblebath and me sitting next to the bath, with my laptop, posting on here and talking/chitchatting with her. and of course eating a lot of *very* healthy stuff (aheeeeeemmmm!!!!). It was a really really nice day. :smile: I love days like these. And sentimental wreck as I am, they make me get tears in my eyes.

I love Chrissy so fucking much. She's my best mate, and she's the only one who knows about me visiting SF. Well more people know it, but she's the only one who's actually seen posts and stuff. She's such a warm person. And I know this sounds really wrong, but she's like an anti-depressant to me. I have fun with her, have serious talks.

Chrissy, if you'd read this: I LOVE YOU, and THANK YOU!

she always knows how to cheer me up.

okay enough for the declaration of love now hehe :hiding:

so yeh it was a great day. and if the wheather is also this nice tomorrow, we'll take our bikinis and towels and go swimming in the river again.
I absolutely LOVE the area I live in and I absolutely LOVE the people I live with.

Thank God for that, because I wouldn't have made it to this day without it.

Life can be so wonderful. :smile:

and here I am again, crying because I realize how damn lucky I am to have these people around me and to live in a place like this, with the best landlord imaginable. :smile:
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