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    I am currently in a relationship. The woman I am with I love with all of my heart. It's taken time, trust, patience, and perseverance, and will continue to do so.

    There are no buts. Even my own counsellor has suggested that I light up whenever I get to talking about her, it's like I get all tingly and have a glow. A warm fuzzy feeling.

    Now I know this may not be what people want to hear, because they have their own issues regarding relationships or lack of. But if you do not try to even put yourself in situations to either be a firm friend for a while before hand, or talk to someone you like over a coffee even, what do you expect to change?

    I have had a few shorter relationships over the past 10 years. In fact, the one i'm in now is the 2nd longest I've ever been in. I've been cheated on. I've been on the receiving end of "we'll call it quits" more than I've ended them. So maybe I wasn't ideally ready and perhaps the reason they ended (As for why, speak to the ex's - I'm sure one or two would suggest it was me doing something wrong).

    Yet now I find I'm fully committed to the one I am in, and it brings out the best in me from perspectives of friendship and relationship bases, as well as helping me be the type of person I'm happy with being. So I have a gut feeling this could be a lot more long term because of the foundations I have built with her.

    Anything is possible to achieve - it just takes effort to sustain and compromise from time to time instead of being too stubborn. And it can happen regardless of level of depression, or physical appearance. To quote Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty "Be The Miracle" - be the standout you want to be.