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A list of rants follows:

Washington State wants a capital gains tax that would take a huge part of the proceeds of a house sale. Money people need to live on.
Washington State wants a huge tax on gasoline (already have a high one) to save the environment
Washington State wants to tear down a bunch of damns to save salmon. State relies on water power to create electricity. Would mean price increase there
Washington State wants to and a 20 cent tax to each can of soda pop
Washington State wants to raise tax on all booze
Washington State counties are raising sales taxes to help the homeless.
Washington State is forcing employers to take tax out of employees paychecks to pay for long term insurance.


And now to Covid:

Washington State schools are still not in session and insist on 6 feet of separation rather then the 3 CDC recommends. Seattle is the worst of the districts
But thats okay because Little Lord Fauci says we have 'not turned the corner yet' and all the variants are going to cause another surge.

But, on the positive side, I am old, so will not have to deal with this shit as long as you youngsters.

Oh yeah, now they are watching for Ebola in Washington and Oregon because some people had the nerve to go to Africa.

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It sucks that the cost of living is so high. I get between 62 and 67% of my paycheck (depending on my hours) due to taxes and other deductions. It's still worth it though - I belong to a union and we'd never get the wages and benefits we do without it. Union dues are also tax deductible. I think our long-term disability insurance only adds up to a few dollars a paycheck.

Have you added up what the changes will mean to you personally? Might not be as bad as you think. The capital gains tax sounds awful, though - I know they are considering the same thing here due to the pandemic debt. If it passes, I will be speaking to a financial advisor and I recommend you do the same -- it can make an enormous difference. A friend of mine withdrew her pension plan this year and paid 66,000 in taxes whereas if she'd spread it over two years she could have paid less than half that. I couldn't suggest it because she'd already withdrawn it when we spoke. A professional probably could have saved her most of the taxes using legal tax shelters.

Don't forget to call your phone and internet provider to make sure you are getting the best rates. I did this last month and saved over $100/month - and I had just checked the previous year. My husband's phone contract ended and we decided he only needs basic phone as he can always get internet with wifi. Also, I just cancelled Amazon Prime and some other monthly services, after finding out that my public library offers free online streaming of movies and TV shows.

I participated in a womens' financial group and we did budgets, etc, that helped a lot. Plus we had a financial advisor come and speak with us. Was very informative. My net worth has increased over $200,000 since that group. Still cash poor, but have a future. I can't over-state the importance of doing research and talking with an advisor about any large financial events such as selling your home etc.
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