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A Problem On S.F. That Needs To Be Addressed

Should some of the forums on S.F. have an adult only Sub Forum of the same topic?

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There is a problem here at S.F. A problem which has the potential to become a serious problem. This thread is going to explain what that problem is, but like most other threads of this nature is will likely be closed or deleted all together. In fact I suspect that as soon as some get to this point in this thread they have already decided to report or close this thread.

Everyone deals with their past abuse, emotions, and pain in their own way. That fact has never been in question. Some people here (me included) feel that their hands are tied and their mouths are gagged. Several threads have been removed, deleted, moved, hidden, or what ever description you want to give it. There has been legitimate reasons behind the posting of the threads and the deletion/moving/closing of these threads. Most of these threads have been in the “Rape and Abuse” forum.

This thread is open to any member of this forum, and it rightly should be. Rape and abuse doesn’t stop because of age barriers. Sadly being young doesn’t protect a person from such abuse. I have heard the argument in defense of those who have had their threads removed (I have made the same argument) that as long as a clear trigger warning is placed at the top of the thread or in the thread title it should make the thread safe from deletion. The counter argument to this is one of age. Some of the members here are as young as 13. Those who are that young should not be exposed to detailed stories of another’s abuse/sexual assault/rape. I have messed up along these lines myself. Many of my threads have been reported and then deleted/moved to a private area because they were considered too triggering, then latter explained to be too triggering for the younger people.

People who make these posts are trying to deal with their emotions and pain the best they can. For some of us (me included) writing details are the only way we know how to deal with it. Some of us (me) haven’t found the strength or courage to find a professional counselor. In many ways we feel like we are being silenced. One of the arguments for this silencing is for legal reasons.

I/We get that S.F. is not meant to be a graphic novel forum or a pornography forum.

I/We get that some people are triggered by a graphic story of another's abuse and/or rape.

I/We get that the moderators and administrators are looking out for the forum as a whole.

I/We get that there is a legal issue here because of the young age of some members.

There is a solution to this problem, but those with authority here are discounting the solution.

The solution is as follows:

1st - If you post a thread and it is possible triggering let the reader know either in the thread title or body.

2nd - If you are easily triggered, HEED THE WARNING.

3rd - If you are a mod or admin and a thread is found to be too triggering (etc). Instead of deleting the thread, let the poster know what the issue is and then give them the opportunity to fix it.

4th - There is a specific reason why most of these issues keep coming up in the “Rape and Abuse” forum. Rape and abuse is a “TRIGGERING SUBJECT”. There should be a sub forum which is password protected in the “Rape and Abuse” forum which is only for adults. The main rape and abuse forum should be for general rape and abuse discussion of any age group, but still should be considered potentially triggering. The adult sub forum should be a place for the more triggering and graphic discussion of rape and abuse and for adults who are more capable of determining their own level of maturity when it comes to not being triggered.​

These 4 simple solutions cover all the arguments I have heard. The 4th solutions requires an installation of software onto the S.F. server. For this style of forum (V-Bulletin) and others such as PHP BB. It’s a simple install and implementation of software. http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=173780 This link is for the V-Bulletin.

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