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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Petal, Jan 11, 2008.

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    does anyone know can the pill stemetil be used as a sedative? I know it is used for the treatment of various illnesses such as vertigo, and psychosis. has anyone ever been prescribed this for anxiety? i cant ask my doctor because she refused to give me any medication , so my very caring pharmacist lol, gave me stemetil without prescription because she felt sorry for me,
  2. liveinhope

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    I have only known Stemitil be used as an antinausea medication (to stop sickness) side effects are drowsiness which in turn may make you less anxious, im shocked the pharmasist has given you this without prescription from your GP are you on any other meds hun really should be checking with your Dr

    Sorry if i sound a bit matronly just dont want you to suffer any ill effects hun
  3. rojomi

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    I take NOTHING except water without first Googling it, and checking it out on WebMD etc. I also check pending lawsuits on drugs prescribed. Also find it odd that a pharmacist would provide meds w/ out an rx, but this is the US.
    If they did so, it's probably more or less a placebo & harmless.
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    im prescribed olanzapene....from doc...but a mate says she got some from the net...i was dubious though didnt look like mine..but that doesnt ness mean owt....tell truth i wouldnt trust the net
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    Ditto and bravo. I want to know everything. lol

    The safest patient is the self-informed patient.