A question about testosterone and emotions

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    I generally masturbate about 2 or 3 times a day. The last time I masturbated was 5 days ago. I will not masturbate for another 4 days because there's an important chess tournament and I want to see whether I'll be more enertegic.

    However yesterday and today I've started to feel much more masculine than usual. I don't know if masculine is the right word since English is not my native language so I'll explain what I mean. I feel like I have lots of power and maybe some anger(not sure since I rarely feel anger) but I also feel like I don't care about anyone. Yesterday someone I love a lot said something that I didn't like and now I almost hate her. I'm wondering if that's because I have high testosterone levels due to lack of masturbation or is it because she really deserved that.

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    masturbation does not affect your testosterone level - but if you have a high one, it could affect you aggression
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    I heard that Muhammed Ali didn't masturbate for a month before an important match to raise his testosterone level and he felt undefeatable. I'm not 100% sure that it's true though.