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    Apologies if this ends up in the wrong section, I have purposely avoided most forum-type environments despite the majority of my life being spent using the internet; so I am not entirely sure of what goes where, though I've had a fair old read of the rules and such - anyway, on to the content of my first post!

    I've been tussling with an undiagnosed mental illness since, at least, the age of 13 and have on several occasions reached out for aid. Unfortunately, my most recent attempts (I have visited my GP about my unstable mental health for the first time; no success. I then tried to reach out to my county's primary stage mental health service, I think they called themselves - or something along those lines; also, no success) have been rebuffed and have not gone well. I have found that I would quite like a diagnosis, or, for that matter, for someone to tell me I'm a big baby and I need to man up. Either way, I would like some sort of solidity when it comes to my mental state so I can perhaps move forwards.

    So my question is, how can someone in the UK get actual help with extreme emotions etc. and possibly a diagnosis? If it means returning to my GP with some direct requests, that's acceptable. I would just appreciate some sort of direction from those with more knowledge than myself on the subject.
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    Hi JawH - welcome to SF. This is in the right section because you are focusing on how to get help and get well - well done for that! I know that is a hard thing to do especially when your GP has been less than helpful.

    This is unlikely going to be what you want to hear - but the only way to get help in the UK in my experience is perseverance. If your GP did not do anything to help you, see a different doctor (I went through about six before I found one willing to actually listen to me) and do not give up. Be as open and honest as you can about how you feel. Be specific and be clear. And tell them in plain simple english that you need help. You need to explain to them specifically what you mean by extreme emotions and what happens when you experience them (are you a danger to yourself? to others? do you hurt yourself? - why are the extreme emotions here a problem?) and what you want from them (help with developing strategies to deal with the emotions? medications to stabilise the emotions?).

    Mental health in the UK is horribly underfunded and getting treatment is incredibly difficult. You need to fight for it and you need to prepare for waiting list after waiting list. You CAN get help - but it takes a long while. Don't give up is the best advice I can give you.
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    Thanks very much for the information, Freya. This is what I believed to be the case, but it's very helpful to get that confirmation!