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The term abuse covers a wide range of things, from sexual, physical, emotional to verbal. abuse can be any of these and is not just limited to sexual.

'Abuse is a general term for the misuse of a person or thing, causing harm to the person or thing, to the abuser, or to someone else. Abuse can be something as simple as damaging a piece of equipment through using it the wrong way, or as serious as severe maltreatment of a person. Abuse may be direct and overt, or may be disguised and covert.'

so you see abuse can be anything, so if you feel you have been abused you in anyway then the 'rape & abuse' will be the right section to post in

hope this helps

vikki x
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i was just wondering if this was an apropriat place to disciuse physicval abuse...thank you...some day i may even post m,y story...for now i jus wanted to knwo if it would be ok for me to do so...thank you all again...
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