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a question

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black orchid

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I wouldn't want anyone to and tbh the only person who would have a chance in hell of using my account is on here anyway. If they felt it necessary they can create their own account on here to tell people.


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Think i would prefer my account locked and allow someone to announce it somewhere if ppl were interested. That's what we did with Joel.

only thing that would be nice, is if the person's visitor/message board could stay open for those who wish to continue to post messages for them...i know :sad:



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Well they'd have to go through my computer/internet history. I'm unaware if they would do such a thing, but I guess they could get someone to look around the computer if they wanted answers?
i think there's a policy on this, maybe one of the moderators can answer. you can't have anyone login as you and post, even if you are gone. your friends/family would need to setup a new account and post separately.

as for letting people know, yes, i'd want my friends here to know. hopefully it won't come to that, though.


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I'm not sure I'm well-known enough to necessitate that. So I guess my answer would be no. It would suck if everyone was like, "Who, again?"
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