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a quitter.

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I guess it's obvious to tell that I'm new. And it's also obvious that I've been having suicidal thoughts these past few months and they're starting to scare me.

I believe the source is my ex-boyfriend, my first boyfriend, actually, breaking up with me. He was so cold and uncaring when he regarded me in the relationship and seemed to care more about his friends, than about me.

Which made it hurt even worse when we shared the same friends.

In the end, I never got an apology from being hurt and on the edge, and I lost both my relationship and the fake friendships I had with this group of people. I basically spent the last two months of my second semester in college alone.

I feel hurt and dejected and feel like an extreme failure to both my family and my professors. I felt, and I still feel that everyone would be happy if I just left and never came back.


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Your family and professors would not be happy if you just left. I know it is difficult, but pick up the pieces and get a fresh start. Some of the choices you made because of your relationship may have disappointed some people, but not you as a whole. If there were as many things wrong in your relationship as it appears from your post, you are better off to be out of it and away from those others involved. I can feel that your pain is deep from how things turned out. Seeking support is one of the first steps toward healing and you found the courage to take that leap. You can move beyond this given the time to grieve the loss of your relationship. Keep posting. Sharing can help. :hug:

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Hi you sorry you have been suffering so greatly I think talking to your professeur you will see not dissappointed in you but will want to help you succeed. Talk to prof okay see what can be done to help you in your studies focus on that right now and the rest leave it be okay. You can find another bf okay this last one youare better off with out him You deserve better and you will get better kindness awayfrom all of them. Right now focus on you education and on YOU okay getting you on your feet again. Talk to school coucillor let them know what happen and get some talk therapy in place for you. Glad you are reaching out here i hope you continue to reach out in real life too okay coucillors at your school are there for just that hugs
There is no need to quit on life or on the world. Life can get crappy at times but there is always a way to be strong and fight the urge to give up.

And hello. :) I'm new as well.


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You have not failed either your professors or parents just because your in a bad situation. you did not choose it to happen :(

you say fake friends- do you mean they just abandoned you when you and your boyfriend split, you find your real friends at times of crisis.

things will look up for you at some point.
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