A random Drunk driver

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    Finding out yesterday who you are and why you rearended me after 5 days of agony of pain metally and physically....

    You were more likely to have a DUI.

    It just made it all more worse as it could have been avoided if you did not make that selfish choice to drive. Because of a guardian angel watching over us we did not die. Half of the car is all gone. Smashed in is my possessions.

    Its more mentally worse for me as I have this bad guilt of should I have waited extra 5 minutes leaving the house so you would have blazed by me not knowing my life is now shattered. I do not know if I have crippling permanent pain. I am losing money and possiblity my job a lifeline. 2 other people were in the car and I feel guilty for them even if it wasnt even my fault.

    I dont know if I want justice to prevail or just take care of you myself street justice style. I know and now sympathize with those who keep shooting each other up. Now that I have been a victim. I have grown hatred for the cops. I have grown hatred for justice the goverment metes out. I dont know how to be patient anymore and let loose the hellhounds so I can sleep better and not replay the crash over and over
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    I am sorry that this happened to you and I do not blame you for being angry. I am very glad that you survived and I hope that the pain will fade - and the nightmares too. I don't believe in vigilante justice - I don't think it will help. I do think that you need some therapy though to work through it.

    Good luck and good wishes to you - you are a good person and I hope that you look to the quote in your signature before you do anything you might later regret.
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    Hope you get the help you need to heal quickly both physically and emtionally and i hope that justice does prevail and the person who did this is taken off the streets and does time I know it is hard to trust but let cops deal with this person ok you have enough on your plate just healing
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    Thanks guys. I dont see the signature anymore with the new forum format and long forgotten about it.

    It just makes me more blind and blind the longer I am in pain with more pain sites developing and not knowing whats going to happen tomorrow. I have been in pain 24/7. The pain meds are making it worse so am off them. I do not know anymore if I want to endure another week. Everytime I look up I see his headlights. My headache has been 24/7 that I am so used to the pain. My legs are failing. Thanks guys for your posts. I am trying to hold my shit together.