A rant, I suppose.

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  1. I've been suicidal ever since middle school. I've never actually tried to kill myself, but the thoughts have never gone away.

    As I write this, I'm too apathetic to even explain why I hate my life. That's unimportant anyway. I've been waiting for things to change in my life since middle school, and even in college it's all the same.

    I've got a fantastic GPA, and am on my way to getting into medical school and doing awesome things with my life...

    But I'm not happy. I haven't been in the longest time. Nothing has changed in these last 7-8 years, and I'm pretty much screwed for life in that regard.
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    Have you talked to a doctor about your ongoing depression tried the new meds out there or have you obtained therapy to help you change Your life can get better with help support
    It is good you have the intelligence you have and hopefully if you do go on to medical school you will find more connections to help you
  3. I don't bring my depression up around doctors. I took depression medication back in middle school, but it did nothing for me. I was diagnosed with major depression long ago, but I'm pretty sure I'm also bipolar.
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