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*A rant*

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* My bitch of a mother made me go to Tesco with her and all the effing time we were there she was picking up food and shoving it my face saying "Will you eat that if I buy it?...Will you eat this?...Choose something" * I just wanted to SCREAM at her to fuck off and leave me alone but she kept on and on and on and then all the food was just swimming around before my eyes and her voice went all funny and then I blacked out right there in the middle of the effing cereal aisle* And they called an EFFING AMBULANCE * I mean, FFS, and they carried me out to the ambulance with EVERYONE staring and did some tests on me * And then they said they wanted to take me in and my mum wanted them to aswell but I said no and basically had a tantrum of gigantic proportions (like Nikki off Big Brother) and I think it embarassed my mum because she said she'd take me home and then take me to the doctors tomorrow*And she basically lectured me all the way home* SHE lectured ME * It's her fucking fault * I told her I didn't want to go with her but, oh no, she had to MAKE me * And there is NO FUCKING WAY I'm going anywhere tomorrow * Not to some dickhead doctor and not to some shitty supermarket so she can just fuck off*


"I'm making an appointment for the doctor first thing in the morning Beth"

"I'm not joking around Beth. Your father is coming with us"

"If we have to drag you there we will"

"We'll make you do what we want Beth. You're a minor"

"We know there's something wrong Beth"

"You have a problem Beth"

"You fainted today for gods sake Beth"

"You're underweight Beth"

"You've been hiding it from us Beth"

"When did you last eat Beth?"

"We're not stupid Beth"

"Don't lie to us Beth"

"We want you to eat something right now Beth"

"Your mother has made you some cereal. You're going to sit there and eat it Beth."

"You're not leaving until you've finished every last mouthful Beth"



"You're not going anywhere Beth"




*Ok*I'm going*Not to the Drs*But away*I can't go because I know whats going to happen*They're going to try and force me to gain and I'm not doing it*So I won't be around for a while*So bye*


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Hey beth.. do you like how you are? do you like being sick? do you like hurting yourself? do you like hurting the people around you?
Beth youv gotta see that your mum is doing whats best for you, she LOVES you, she knows somethings not right and any mother will do all they can physically and mentally to put whats wrong right, no mother wants to see their child going thru physical or mental issues, and calling her a bitch isn't gonna change that, your mum will not stop until your physicall healthy, and this ED is not gonna stop, you say youv got a target weight but what happens when you reach that, you or ana are gonna say your fat, when the truth is your not, your gonna be underweight, then your gonna set another target, then another, then another, till you end up seriously underweight, this is a cycle and its not gonna break until you or someone else breaks it


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I know you hate your parents, and they drive you crazy where you want to go away from them forever.
Butk, they do not know the right thing to do or say.
They are just shocked and don't want anything bad to happen to you.
They may not say it or look caring, but deep down they do. If they did not care, they would say to hell with you, kid.

let us know how you are and feel free to rant anytime!! you did good.


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Hey again.. My friend is on the verge of an ED.. she never eats at school unless its like one tiny thing from someone else, she says she eats heaps at home but its nothing compared to waht i eat. Last night we went to pizza hut and ate and ate and ate with all my friends and she went to the toilet, at first i didnt think anything of it, why shud i? i went to the loo while i was there to didnt i? wen she came out i noticed tears in her eyes, it wasnt like she was crying, just like she couldnt keep her eyes dry, she was kinda out of it.. wasnt smiling, she sat down and chucked one of her fake smiles on us and then stood up and walked to her drink and had some... the way she looked.. i could like tell she had vomited.. Shes been not eating much for a while now and she used to be suicidal but shes gotten thru most of that even tho its not completely over. I have tried to help her in so many ways and so i have a bit of feeling that i understand where your parents are coming from. Your mum loves you and doesnt want to see you hurt, sick or die. When you dont eat anthing did you know you can acctually put on weight? you should eat healthy meals 3 times a day with an apple or carrot or something inbetween and also do lots of exercise, thats the best way...
Your mum may not know how to deal with all this, i know that i dont, and so shes doing what she thinks is right, she wants you to get better and you cant do that unless you want to get better.. You need to see this isnt the right way, you need to see your getting into a rut you wont be able to escape, please dont give up you life like this, your parents arnt the only ones that want you to live. Please, its not there fault, Please, take care,
pm me if you ever need to talk.. Ally x


*I'm being admitted to a clinic/hospital this afternoon*I did leave but I fainted in public and got taken to hospital and they called my parents and yeah so thats the basic story*
hun i know you wont believe me right now but i think this may be the best thing for you right now, fainting has gotta show you that somethings not right
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