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    A really good uplifting and inspirational book to read is, "It's More To Me Than What You See" by Tequila L. Carter. The author chronicles her personal struggles with such controversial topics as societal acceptance, less than favorable relationships, suicide and sexual abuse. These ills are rampant among today's culture and the author offers much needed insight into how she personally overcame the dark cocoon of these sorrows only to emerge a beautiful spiritual butterfly still continuing to soar high. This book is available at Amazon.com and is surely a must read for everyone.

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    This book is an excellent read for people of all ages facing situations that directly lead to feelings of loss and despair. For many of us, life holds so many stages of awkwardness and unpleasant situations that have the ability to malign and misshape our mental and moral fabric. In turn this can give way to a society unequipped and unwilling to interact in a functional and productive fashion. The author graciously and selflessly offers the reader her insight in how she struggled with many of the plagues of life to which too many of us are familiar and have grown accustomed to. The dominant pulse that beats throughout this book is, "You are more than your situation", "You are not defined by the negativity of others". Through her unyielding Faith in God and consciousness of His word, the author helps the reader to see that there is more to all of us that others may see. For anyone searching in darkness for a way out let this book be your beacon of light to peace, serenity and freedom.
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    :thankyou: for posting Franseelee

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    No problem at all. It is really a good book and I know the author personally. She is a very positive person. How are you?