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A really miserable day

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Hi folks,

Just wanted to get this off my chest. I guess its kinda childish considering what folks have to put up with but it was enough to send me into the doldrums.

Is it silly to get upset if no one wished you happy birthday? I mean I always make a point of doing so myself to people but not one of my friends wished me well. On the saturday evening I was sposed to go to the movies but one didnt even bother turning up. I'm their boss at work and I've always supported them.

The funny thing is the week prior I was asked to put into a collection for a fellow team leader at work. but for me not even did you have a nice day.

Its made me feel really low and unliked. I got to the point where last night I could not face work. Just when I felt I had a light at then end of the tunnel.

anyway thanks for reading.

Funny you notice just how lonely you are at this time of year.


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Sorry to hear just hope that noone wished you a Happy Birthday,I know this may not mean much but a belated late "Happy Birthday"to you:smile: .It is fair that you feel upset and annoyed that noone said a simple "Happy Birthday"to you after all it's only a couple simple words.I hope you do feel better sadly these things can bring you down try not to let it worry you so much.


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No, I don't think what your feeling is silly or childish at all and I am very sorry nobody wished you a "Happy Birthday", I can relate to that totally. :sad:


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Yes, i hate loneliness, but i BELIEVE in the wisdom and love of suffering.
Your light is still there, don't let it go...

did you tell them it was your birthday? even i forget my friends birthday. you cant expect them to reemmber it forever. question is.. how you ever asked them 'how was your day?' why do you think they dont say that? it aint all the peoples fault. its your fault too. thinking that? there are tons of other reasons
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