A ruck march

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    I started thinking about it today, well finished thinking about it today. Life is alot like a ruck march. When you first start out it can be hard at times. Your not sure where you are going or when you'll get there. There are uphill climbs and parts downhill. No one's pack weighs the same, because some choose to carry more burdens than others. Those that you start with your not guaranteed to end with, and as in most cases, you will lose a friend or two along the way. Some marches are during worse times than others, like in a dessert or during a hurricane. The people that you meet along the way are not always going to have your best interests at heart, and occasionally you will need to fire back to protect what's yours. In the end its not the start or the finish that matters. It's how you survive, how you make each step along the way that will determine just how much your feet are going to hurt afterwards, and how you feel about how you did. Personally I'm want to slide in head first saying "Damn what a rush!" but in the end as long as I haven't wavered to much and stayed on the path set before me with my eyes in front... I guess that will be enough for me.
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    An excellent analogy. Having been on more ruck marches than easily counted I agree with every word. The only thing I would add is eyes to the front, one foot in front of the other, without stopping even when tired and and the going is hard - that is the way to finish, and the rush you get when you suddenly realize you are going to make it and it is possible for you, beats the other smaller rushes that sidetrack you on the way by a wide margin.

    Take Care and Be Safe

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