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A sad state of affairs

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So many years wasted, and then to end up feeling no better. Has medication kept me safe or has it just put me into a form of limbo - either way it seems like life is just a merry-go-round at the moment. I can understand why people take drugs to get some form of 'high' - me, well i just drink 2 or 3 times a week, knowing some of thepeople I work with it is not enough to 'whet their whistle' but for me 3 pints or 1 pint and 1/2 bottle of wine and I know I shall be paying dearly for it over the next couple of days.
I think of suicide on a regular basis but never had the guts to take it further. I must admit that there is nothing around for me to ''want'' to stay here.
Strange saying that as I have a wife and three grown up children, two with children of their own, but that doesn't seem to come into the equation really.

so there you are, i am feeling very sorry for myself, and don't know where to turn or even if i want to turn to anybody.

This cannot be a good way to live a life - to do it just by exsiting!


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Hun you are still very depressed if your meds not working then time to try new meds hun Depression is a cycle yes but the right meds should keep you more level hun hugs to you
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