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A safety plan for a Covidian world

Covid is a nasty virus and causes a lot of very real, long-lasting physical pain and suffering for many of those afflicted with it. As bad as that is, it also causes a huge amount of mental stress and anxiety for everyone, at all times. I'm not a doctor, or a nurse. Not a biologist, or a psychologist. I'm not even a janitor at the free clinic. But I thought I'd share what I'm doing to help myself not just be safer, but also to feel safer. Because, unlike an impending meteor strike, those two are entirely possible with something like a pandemic. Staying positive can help us stay negative! (see what I did there?)

These couldn't be more simple and basic, but they work for me.

1. Vitamin D3 and zinc. Everyday. Nothing fancy, radical or complicated, just your basic over the counter supplements, which cost practically nothing. It works. Google it.

2. I keep my mouth shut. Firmly, at all times, when I'm in an enclosed public space with a lot of people. I'm not yapping into my phone incessantly, or yawning, or chatting with the people around me about the weather. I don't even lick my lips.

3. In addition to keeping my yap shut, I also try to maintain as much distance as possible from others in enclosed public spaces (social distancing is a breeze for me, I independently invented it like 30 years ago)

4. Vigorous hand washing when getting back to a low risk environment, followed by washing my face.

That's all I got (is it? .... Yeah, I think so). If anybody wants to share what they're doing to be and feel healthy, go for it.


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I hope I get the joke virus (probably already have, actually), my immune system will go to work and that'll be the end of it.
It does work that way for some. For others like myself it's a much different story. Time will tell, but the after effects could likely be permanent for me.

I follow a similar approach when I have to go out @Human Ex Machinae, it's the best I can do. Need to give my masks all I wash this weekend, keeping them clean is also important.
A couple of months ago I tried wearing a mask, and I had a lot of trouble breathing. After slowly suffocating for 20 minutes, I gave up. This Wednesday I decided to try it again, because I think it's really important. I tried a full day's commuting, back and forth to work. Can't do it. I was hauling so much air into my lungs through and around the mask, trying to get enough oxygen, I don't see how I was more protected. This is because, even though I don't smoke anymore, I spent most of my life smoking. It's not because masks are a bad idea or anything like that. Anyone who can should wear a mask. Unfortunately, I can't.

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