A scary feeling

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by BrokenPieces, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. BrokenPieces

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    well its been almost a year since i have been out on a date...
    and well with my daughter here and all, now its just a scary feeling.
    but i have a date coming up. and its like the most weirdest thing ever.

    i need some advice, about anything its been awhile since my last relationship...
    what should i expect or at least what is a great thing to do on a first date?
  2. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    First I would suggest taking a deep breath (or several thousand :)). Dates should be about having fun, sadly they're often really stressful. But one way to rid yourself of the stress is to remember that whomever your meeting probably has the same tension.

    You can go easy with just a coffee or you can go for the whole event and food deal. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable. And since its the first date you have a high chance of not liking the other person, so just have fun with it.

    No matter what happens they can't hurt you. I'd focus on a mantra saying," It's just anxiety. It's just anxiety."

    After all, drinking yourself silly before a date is Sooo last year.

    J. :)