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A serious problem, need some input..

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I've been talking to my gf lately...

shes 14, and shes told me sme things that are worrying me. she has always been into the whole violence and blood thing, likes to see suffering. shes different to me, so im not so worried about that...

but she told me today that shes been looking at hentai and porn for about a year now. this is a little worrying because shes only 14, but i was okay with it so far.

but, she said she likes the rape and gory kind. this is where it REALLY worries me. she said that she deosnt masturbate, but she likes the violent porn, and the rape.

This is really bad, and im worried about our relationship...does anyone have anything they can help with?

i dont want to lose her, but im not the kind of person whos into the leather and whips...what can i do?


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The whole violence and blood thing is weird, I mean I can watch saw 3 and think it's dull but if somebody cuts their finger in real life then I get really squemish. I'm also really into anime, that whole hentai and porn thing appealed for a while. It was something really radical, something new that was so completely different from my everyday existence that it excited me. (although being in the UK anything I saw was censored anyway)

However if you watch enough of it, you simply get bored, most of it is rubbish anyway, and then you end up watching stuff like "Spirited Away" - good family entertainment, (oh my god, I'm getting old). Anyway the point is Anime violence is not like real violence, and Anime rape is not like real rape, it's too over the top, too comic book, too different from our everyday lives. It's a fantasy world so unlike our own. I'm sure that what she likes in Anime would disgust her in reality, so I wouldn't be too worried. Though here comes the disclaimer... that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.
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