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A sheep went & still on STRIKE

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by RySp123, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    i stop tv news 35 years + ago.
    i stop reading newsppaers 35 years ago.
    i stop reading online bs world too yars ago.
    i stop going see movies when was that? so long i dont remember anymore.
    i leave fam. room when tv on watching neg. stuff, movies, programs, etc.. as it affects my outlook on life and people.


    they only give negative perspective outlook on world and life.
    brainwash kids in tender years how negative world and people are.

    if all did or do as I do, full strike on media for their neg. impact
    perhaps THEN they would start making LoNG DUE CHANGES.

    should we all make one to face and make it an obligation, put their shoulders to the wall with no way out but to listen to our ONE VOICE asking, no, not asking but ORDERING THEM to change things PERHAPS THEN would they give us some attention.............


    sheep like ........ many think same as i do yet none will take a step and make a clear shout ................ if we all turn off tv same time for some period, stop buying newspapers for a period etc........

    THEY would LISTEN ............ nothing like mass big corp. to freak when it comes to loosing money and does attract full attention.

    i am a dreamer maybe, living in last century or further back times where we beleived things could change if we stick together to change things.

    no need to make wars, no need to pur blood or else to make drastic changes...... JUST NEED PEOPLE TO BELEIVE THEY CAN DO SOMETHING AND SEE THEM DO IT TOGETHER but i am a dreamer and wont live long enough to see it happen.

    sheep like kills the world,
    sheep like we kill the future of our kids, grandchildren
    as we accept and participate in being silent sheep buying mass media negativism and ALLOW them to decide for us..........
    silent sheep, your silence will kill you

    outspoken sheep, soon wont be anymore as I have spoken....... dont fit in sheep like silent acceptation of negativism so 'got to be out'


    NO NEED for wars
    NO NEED for blood
    NO NEED for death
    NO NEED for harm
    NO NEED to scream
    NO NEED to make petitions
    NO NEED to come down the streets in mass protestation
    NO NEED ..............................


    Need to rest, this old sheep has seen and heard too much..... up to next generation to decide what to be..... silent sheep living htings as they are or take silent action - reaction in going on strike?

    talking to myself ......... it was a dream........ a thought....... kept alive till
  2. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    yes because the internet is such a happy place.
  3. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I once saw a film about these 2 activists who waged their private war against McDonalds by distributing a leaflet highlighting their practices. It was great to see how 2 people went up against such a giant corporation and made a difference. The result?

    "It has been estimated that the case has cost McDonald's £10,000,000 and it is often described as the biggest public relations disaster in history."
  4. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Ziggy, you got me smile on the outcome of tat movie you refere to.

    Too bad it was only a movie........ but in life no one has the 'guts' to do something..... beside complain (and in that 99,9 % are like this) and have long talks about all that is wrong yet acting, making a concrete move to make the slightest difference (positive) is a big zero........ they are all 'talks' and no facts. That's why I call it sheep and sheep like.

    The result in the movie says it all....... the biggest and powerful they are the weaker they are when a single sand gets in one's eye (pocket).

    Wish this would happen in real life....... bout mass media as they are the ones having the biggest-strongest weight on how we-you (sheep) are affected.

    I guess people take pleasure in self destruction of their mind and outlook on life and the world or they would realy take counciousness of this issue and do something about it in a healthy way....... but i am a dreamer of fantastic i guess.

    What is-was the title of that movie?

    p..s. is it me being over sensitive to what's right or not about mass media affecting us all or what? few weeks back i gave up on a cooking program as the language used was not proper (swearing) therefore no respect for the guests and audience? just wondering if madness plays a role on my views...?

    thanks Ziggy, pleasure talking to you again
  5. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    Ah, you've not heard of it then. The movie was a documentary. It really happened, here's the details...


    and here's some footage on YouTube (it's called McLibel)


    Anyway, I saw the film, and stopped eating fast food, I thought I wasn't making any difference but then later I heard that McDonalds sales had really suffered. So that pleased me.

    Oh and I also don't think you're wrong about the media. I used to listen to depressing music, but decided one day just to throw it all away. It's one of the better choices I've made, but purely a personal one, it's good for me so I do it, same with you and your cooking program I guess.
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