a sign from dad?

A woman in my survivors group was talking about different "signs" she thought she had experienced from her husband, who killed himself six years ago. She found them comforting. That's not really something i believe in, but i told myself i would try to notice any possible signs. Keep my eyes open as it were.
A few days later, i was sitting in the park when a lovely black puppy came running up to me -- all long legs and enthusiasm. He ran around behind me and jumped up on me -- all very soft and fun and fine with me. I love dogs, but can't have them where i live. The owner came over, called the dog and apologized. I said it was no problem. A few minutes later, the puppy came loping back to me and let me pet him briefly. The owner called him again to come back.
The puppy's name was Wally. That was my father's name. My dad killed himself 17 years ago.
I guess you couldn't ask for a more classic sign. Is my dad happy like the puppy? Does he want me to be happy like the puppy? Did he just want to touch me and have me touch him? I don't know. Am I letting him down by not reveling and taking comfort in his "visit?" Why couldn't he stay? I just don't know.


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That is so beautiful. I so love dogs too and had them all my life. I need a puppy now, but am waiting to have a job and a bigger place. I am sure that the puppy was meant to give you a sign. Which sign we can not be certain of. If you feel that in your heart that is all that matters. My dog died 3 years ago, her name was Teri. I am looking for a replacment of her. My parents are deceased too. I hope the will help me through the hard time I am having right now. Keep your hopes and eyes open.
Do continue to post to inspire others to think and grasp what is around us.
hugs to you,


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This is so cool!! I definitely believe in signs. I am very sorry that you lost your dad. I know that must be very difficult for you to work through.. The fact that this dog was named "Wally" and came up to you is so awesome.

I remember when my dad past away 4 years ago.. I went to my favorite restaurant to eat.. when I came out to my car.. there were pigeons on the roof.. then a beautiful white dove.. have never seen a beautiful white dove before came flying by me.. so strange.. close to me.. then he landed on the roof of the restaurant.. and was looking at me.. I couldn't believe and thought I was seeing things.. it wasn't a pigeon... it was definitely a white dove.. and he was looking down at me.. and then he flew away.. we don't have doves here.. at all.. or never seen one.. it seemed to be a sign to me.. and yes, I have had other experiences since I have lost so many ppl in my life.. but to see this dove was amazing.. have never seen a dove since..

I know you have alot to work through in dealing with your dad and that he killed himself.. I am so sorry that he hurt so deeply that he did this and couldn't reach out for help or get the help he needed.. hang on okay? I have been through several suicides of close ppl and family..

I know, why, why, why, why, couldn't he stay? tough question.. and no answers but it seems that this lady was right and it does happen.. have had some things happen and it seemed a sign to me.. so keep hanging in there, okay? are you seeing anybody or attending a group to help you through this? The dove to me was comforting... and so strange.. but I have read alot about mysterious ways..

My sister mom-in-law lost her husband a year before my dad and she had some roses.. her husband's fav rose never bloomed at all, it is a different kind of rose bush... and in the winter, he passed away in the summer, (sad) only one rose bloomed.. his fav rose.. roses here do not bloom in the winter but every year since, this one rose, blooms every year in the winter.. around Christmas... like a sign.. it happens..

Glad you could share with us...




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I would consider it a sign - of what, I can't say - but a sign nonetheless. I believe that nothing happens by accident, everything and every event has a reason, whether we ever know the reason or not. The puppy having your fathers name - coincidence? I think not... If you find joy in this event and if it has meaning for you, then take it for that: a sign. Perhaps the pup came back over a second time for a reason... How you feel about it is very subjective but can mean a lot. Me, I believe in signs and not much in coincidence. I think it was a lovely sign too, as dogs never lie about love, and are generally friendly to all they meet (unless they've been abused).



truth is indeed stranger than fiction!
I think I've had "signs" but am unsure, could be just nothing

I've been weird with numbers(10-6-37) is my Grandmothers birthday, I was going to have a tattoo in her memory with her name and the date of her birth,and not the date of her death,because that day has no meaning to me, just because shes gone, shes still with me, and I wanna honor the day she was brought on this Earth

anyway,my Gramma past away last year at 68 ( not of suicide,she was like a mother to me, raised me since I was 8),..after she past I was at my cousins house,.. I left her house the night after she past,I just happened to look at my speedometer,which is something I never do, I looked and noticed the miles read 68,888 exactly pretty much "68"

the next day I had to shop for a suit for the funeral,Ive been looking everywhere for YEARS for a black and white pinstriped 1930's-1940's style suit.I went to a local place that sold cheap suits... no luck,...I happen to find a coupon in my car that expired that day! for Casual Male ( plus size mens boutique,.. Im built like an ox,.. wide shouldered,so on) so I decided to go there, .. been shopping there for years.I told myself I'll settle for whatever but I'm only spending $200 tops for all of it.

I get there, I walk in the door,what do I see? a black and white pinstriped suit,.. JUST what Ive always wanted,I looked at the price,the jacket alone was over $200,the pants $100,plus I still wanted to get a pink shirt and tie ( pink was her favorite color) the coupon I had was for 50% off one item,so since the jacket was the most, I used it for that,the shirt I picked out was $50,the tie was $35,.. so on,...

the guy at the register asked "are you going to a Christmas party?" I said it was for a funeral for my Gramma who raised me,...he replies,.. "I'm sorry to hear that" ,.. hes ringing it all up and says "I gave you an extra 37% off everything" again her b-day 10-6-37,.. it really struck me as being odd,..why 37%?? thats an odd amount to take off a price.he rang it up,...it was JUST over $200! $200 and some change,....it had to be the wierdest day of my life and really made me think



Your Grammy was certainly trying to get your attention.

I'm not real into numerology, but 68=14=5 Five is representative of the human being. Knowlegeseeker.

38=11 Eleven is a very important number The master number and it involves intuition.

37=10=1 One is the sum of all possibilities begining of concious mind.

Thean I added all those together and came up with 17=8 This is indicative of PARADISE REGAINED.

Again I am no expert in numerology, but I'd say your Gram is in paradise, and can check on you. Take care to mind your intuition> Anything is possible, and I'd say your Gram is trying to convey that to you.

I am sorry about your Gram, but no doubt she's withy you all the time. Pay attention. Not meaning LOOK for some sign, but pay attention. No doubt she's leaving other signs.


In my heart I have no doubt our loved lones send us signs. Sometimes subtle and other times BAM like in your face like "Yo, I am HERE".

My dad leaves quarters. He died on Christmas which is the 25th. He loved quarters because he played the quarter machine at the casino's. Ever y New Years Eve at the strike of twelve we have always exchanged money. Supposed to bring you good financial fortune in the year.

Well, my dad was cremated. My brothers and mom picked out his favorite suit and Armani. He owned many suits and was an impeccable dresser. So, the searced through the pockets of his suit, and in the cuffs before going to the crematorium. They stayed while he was cremated. They chesck before they put you in if you have anyhting medal etc. NOPE. Not a thing.

So when the guy took the ashes from the thing they put you in and was preparing them for the family he goes "What the heck. How's this get in here?" A single quarter. We had a little neighbor with spina biffida, and mostly people ignored him. Even real little, but my dad would mess around with him. Pay attention to him. The boy's mom was so grateful. I mean my dad treated this bot like any other kid. So, the neighbor was on her way to one of this kids appointments. I mean they lived at Doctor's. They were in the car and she hears him talking away, and she asks "Who are you talking to?" The kid says "-----" my dad's name. It struck her real wierd because he was only three, and wasn't informed of my dad dying. He holds up a quarter, and says "look my. look what he gave me".

We'd find our toilet seat down and on top of it a quarter. We're all girls in this house and we don't close the top lid. Soooooooo many other signs as well, but the quarters were the big one.


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before my dad died i didnt believe in signs or all that other stuff....

but on the day he killed himself.....(what i didnt know at that time )
but it was 3 am in the morning and i was still at a bar dinking with some friends no alcohol i was driving the car...but at that time it was if something was trying to tell me i had to go home...so i told my friend im going .li dont know i have a weird feeling i ned to go home.so we did...when i got home nothing was there ( my mom and dad were divorced and i lived with my mom)
so i wnet to bed....then 3 hours later the police came at the door so my mom yelled to me come down pls hurry....
so i did.....then they told me what happend...i said to them...pls dont tell me it was at 3 am ...and they said yes..i asked them how did u know....and they told me the story of his friend in his house hurt something and went down and saw my dad .....so i collapsed i was like ..i could of stopped him only if i knew.....only if i knew..... so when things had to be taking care of ..i got his wedding ring.....so a couple of years later i wnet to swim with the family and there did the ring go into the water couldnt save it and also my cousin couldnt......so i was very sad at that moment.....well when i got back home i was totaly in shock......my heart stopped beating for a couple o seconds..because there on my bed there was the ring ....i lost.......and the blanket was a bit wet arround the ring......so then i was like...ok there is more like signs and omens ( if i spel it right...) thats was my prove there has to be something....

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