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a somewhat hillarious story :D

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So... I am a normal 15 year old guy (except for the suicide and all...)
Well as every kid my age, I started getting interessted in the opposite sex. There was a really sweet girl in class, who wasn't interessted in boys at that time, yet. With a bit of time my crush lost itself, so everything was back to usual.
Well after a while (1 year) she started to get interessted in boys. And yes! Thank god! She has a crush on me now...
Seems perfect...well it is not...
Of course my feelings grew lately again, however I never wanted to hurt her, and i never was sure how she'd take the suicide thing.
Now to the somewhat funny part: Today I figuerd out (what i supposed some time already...), that she is suicidal as well :D
Actually it is somewhat sad to have another suicidal person in the world, but it is a bit slapstick...
So yeah, guess i'll ask her out once..

Wish me luck!!!

(thanks for reading)


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Umm I think i can see the irony of the story, but i agree with what you said about it's sad that there is another suicidal person in the world. Unfortunately there are lots of people suffering from depression/suicidal feelings.. but it's good that we can stick together and help eachother through.

Have you asked this girl out? How did it go? I hope that it all goes well for you both and you're able to support eachother and bring a little hapiness in to eachother's lives

Jenny x
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