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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by painfulbliss, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. painfulbliss

    painfulbliss Well-Known Member

    once apon a time there was a little boy.
    and his mother was a wicked witch,
    who used to beat and pick on him.
    this little boy always used to think
    that "i must have done something
    bad to get this kind of attention"
    and this happened for years and years.
    and the mother only got worse.
    until one day
    the little boy had grown up
    amd relized that it wasnt his fault.
    it was hers, she would
    do these things cause she needed
    to take her anger out on someone
    smaller then herself
    and that day the boy stood up to his mother
    and said "i will not take this anymore.
    just because your bigger then me and stonger
    doesnt give you the right to beat and pick on me"
    and so that day the wicked witch stopped beating on him
    and turned to yelling and name calling
    and this happened for many more years to come
    and then the boy started becoming sad and depressed
    and one day the boy left home.
    and tried to make a new life for himself
    this didnt turn out as well as he hoped
    there was many things to pay for.
    like clothes and food, and shelter
    and the boy didnt have enough
    money to afford all of it.
    so one day the boy decided
    he couldnt take it anymore
    and left a note. it said...
    "Dear officer
    For you'll be the only one who might care
    probably just because you got stuck with the paper work
    Sorry about that.
    Well what should I say?
    They sure don't teach you how to write a suicide note in school, now do they?
    I'd say I'm sorry,
    but I'm not.
    I would like to ask you but one favor,
    if that is all right.
    Can you ask her (my mother) if she knew I was depressed:
    If she says yes ask her why she didn't do anything.
    If she says no that ask her how she didn't notice my last 5 suicide attempts,
    its pretty hard to miss stuff like that.
    I've been suicidal since grade 6 or 7.
    Thank you for your time, officer.
    Once again sorry about the paper work."
    and then after he wrote this note.
    he disapeared into the night
    and was found the next day
    in a creek
    with cuts on his arms
    and blood on the ground
    and the officer found his note lying next to him.
    and contacted the family and friends...

    not all fairy tales have a happy ending

  2. mixedemotions

    mixedemotions Forum Buddy

    I get the impression, this little boy could be you?

    I may be wrong. I'm sorry the little boy had to go through so much.


    The story made me cry...
  3. painfulbliss

    painfulbliss Well-Known Member

    yes and unfortunatly i have another one

    broken-hearted boy
    once upon a time there was a little boy
    who fell in love with a beautiful girl in a faraway land
    he loved her deeply and very much
    they talked everyday for long periods of time
    they'd talk bout the weather, or what had happened that day
    he had these feelings about her
    but he knew it was never meant to be
    for she was a beautiful young lady
    and he was but a disgusting young boy
    she was smart and noble
    yet he was stopid and cowardly
    and through every passing day
    his love grew more and more
    until one day he relized
    he can never truely be with her
    and on that day his heart broke into 2
    and as he died of a broken heart
    he spoke but one little line and that was...
    "for you will always have my heart"

    the painful truth about love
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