A strange dream I had

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I was reading something someone said in this forum, and she said "I think this needed to happen"

Well I never ask myself "Why did this happen to me".
Things happen to everyone, and everything has a purpose.

A dream I had helped me realise this:

I was standing in a stadium. Millions upon millions of people, all listening to me.
I was speaking, a revolutionary, leading a mass of people to something..
well I raised my hand and the loudest roar of people I had ever heard cheered in a chorus.
Then, I had been shot, an early death. I couldnt have been more than 40.
As I started falling backwards everything slowed down, and I had memory flashes of all my life. All the pains, and all the misfortunes.
My molestation, my family voilence, my social problems.. everything good or bad flashed before me.
It made me realise, everything that happens now is shaping me into someone I will be in the future. I will be someone great, whether its to a wife and kids or to a great nation. I will prove myself worthy, because thanks to quite a few terrible things that have hapenned to me I have become extremely strong, and goal driven.

Everything comes out even, including sexual assualt and such.
I have been rewarded with willpower, and a sense of reality now, but at the cost of terrible terrible memories.

Don't consider life all bad, because there will ALWAYS be some good.Find that good and focus on it.


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That is indeed one neat way of looking at your life. I applaud you on overcoming and staying strong. May you reach your goals.
Glad you posted this.
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