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A strange turnaround

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Last night, I visited my therapists (That's right, I have two).

During the session I just started crying in front of them. They sat there and let me do it. It wasn't easy, but it happened. I unloaded to them and, although I can't say that I felt better, I do think I needed to do it.

Tonight, the opposite happened.

My roommate and his girlfriend are splitting up. She's a nice girl and I talk to her sometimes, although I haven't really gotten to know her since they're always in his room when she stays over. Well tonight, she was sad and needed someone to talk to. She started crying. I stood there and listened to her. I even hugged her. (I mentioned that on the hugging thread just a few minutes ago.) My personal opninion is that she would be better off without him, but I didn't tell her that. I just let her talk, and I thought about how much simillar she was to me last night.

I only hope that I helped. I feel like I did. She's a good kid and if I wasn't so much older than her (I'm 37, she's 22), she'd probably have more guy trouble. As it is, I hope she'll be alright.

I'm glad I was there for her to talk to.
That's great DarnTired :)

It feels great when you feel and can see you've made a difference to someone's life - made them feel better etc :)
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