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    So I've got sensor lights outside.... They've been going off the last little while, few nights. Not unusual, normally a cat or rabbit or opossum etc. Tonight I heard something at a bird feeder... Thought it was a bear as have had them before. Got very freaked. The one dog was going nuts inside the house so I thought he smelled it like he did before. But I looked out and saw nothing. Ok. Lights came on and off twice... Looked out again, finally saw a dog drinking from my pond. Yay. So nothing bad, but I'm still in that hyper vigilant state and can't settle. It's odd how I know it's okay, and I know it's safe but my body is shaking and wired out. As I said, it's stupid. But there we go.
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    That is not you or something wrong with you. Adrenaline is a really powerful hormone that is there to try to help keep you safe in an emergency situation. Even if your mind figures out there is nothing wrong or that it was a false alarm, that hormone is still there and having the same effect on your body, so your body still feels like there is. I would suspect if it lingers a long time it is because then you feel like something wrong with you or strange and that feeling tells the adrenal gland to keep working because your brain is still trying to figure out what is wrong even though it is what is wrong about an entirely different thing. I am sorry it was bothering you, and it can be very distressing if your body is convinced something is wrong so in the fight or flight mode still even after you know better on a logical level. On the plus side you have a really well developed sense of self preservation. :hug:
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    No its not a stupid thing. Like Nyjumpmaster says it's your adrenalin that's causing you to do this. You must not judge or question yourself. Just be strong. I know its hard.
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    Thanks so much to you both. Managed to doze but woke myself up telling someone to go away. Hmmmm... Lobotomy, anyone?!
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    of course it would take time to calm down. I am sorry that happened. :( :hug: :arms: