A Summary Of The World's Most hated Person.

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  1. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    9 September 1998: Faber is born. Lucio dies.

    2005-2009: I Joined Primary School. Brutally tortured by professor in an incident. Started to meet psychologists in 2007, when my mother and father broke up.
    That gives me an everlasting need to make someone happy. And that need will never be satisfied.

    2010-2011: Joined Secondary School. Still meeting psychologists. People start to be scared around me, and the bullies that try to make me angry curl in a corner when I look in their eyes and never try to bully me again.
    Friends do the same, and soon, they don't want me to make them happy. Since i can't give happiness to anyone, loneliness kicks in.
    Also, economy in Italy falls into crisis and my father forces my mother to feed me and A. (my brother) with just 300€ per month.
    A. gets greedy like fuck and forces my mother to spend 250€ per month for his games and drugs, while I get 50€ per month only, barely what I need to eat. Severe weight loss.

    2012: Outside the school, a girl called F. approaches me. She looked like the child in The Ring 2, but she was not evil. She was hurt. She gives me my first hug without even saying a word.
    I find out her number and try to help her recover from depression. Meanwhile, i manage to steal only once my father's monthly payment (more than 1'000€), to survive and help my family silently.
    I keep the money hidden. Still going at psychologists.

    2013: Joined Superior School. F. starts to fall in love with me. Her father immediately finds that out, and thinking that i want to rape her, locks me out from her life. Since i needed to keep giving happiness, i try online.
    I create a deviantart account, facebook account, eccetera. Meanwhile, the psychologists betray me and drop a bomb full of lies at my school.

    2014: The school bans me from the year after hearing the shitfest of lies, and when i retry the first year, they put me in a class with psychotic students and abusive teachers called to lower my grades and raise the others's.
    Meanwhile, F.'s father has changed phone number, address, and every chance i had to contact her. I fall in an infinite dark tunnel.
    Since i joined secondary school and tried to give happiness, literally everyone but F. refused that happiness and said i was an asshole, without a reason.
    Near the end of the school year, i create a fake, female account inspired by F. (I SAID INSPIRED, NOT COPIED), as sweet as possible to make people happy. People online immediately like her.
    I realize that people DO want happiness, but somehow, when i give them happiness as myself, i hurt them. If i put on a mask and pretend i'm someone else, i don't.
    So I barely pass the school year, after surviving a second bomb full of lies from my psychologists.

    2015: My need to give people happiness is almost satisfied, when everyone suddenly fell in love with "Fake F.a" and fought each other. Then, they hated "Fake F." for that.
    Since "Fake F." suddenly generated a huge quantity of pain without a reason, i stop using her account. After some months, i open it again and see people getting depressed because she was gone.
    I realize that people were happy with "Fake F.", and for the first time in my life, i make someone happy. By putting a mask, but i made someone happy. So i slowly revealed myself that "Fake F." was in fact me.

    They called my local police and sent me death threats.

    And i realize everything. This is how people work:
    Put a person X near a person Y, let Y make X happy, and X will love Y.
    Put a person X near Faber, let Faber make X happy, and X will hate Faber.
    People don't want happiness from me. I am a public enemy. If i try to make everyone happy, they will hate me. Because they don't want happiness from a demon like Faber.
    I am hated because i am myself. I am hated because i look like Faber. I am hated because i am Faber.

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  2. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I'm sorry you've had such a rough time. Believe me all teenagers go through similar things even if it does not appear so up front. :hug:
  3. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    Teenagers don't survive with 50€ per month.
    Teenagers don't become public enemies because they make people happy.
    Teenagers don't become public enemies at all. Teenagers are assholes, and humanity loves them for that.
    People kind like me need to die.
  4. Rocky95

    Rocky95 New Member

    I never will understand how people can handle others so badly. It seems like they not even trying to understand the others just judge them. I hate it. But sometimes I realize that I also do the same and then realize that people do this because it's the easier way. Easier to say that you are a bad person and I hate you, because than I don't have to understand your pain, your life or the way how your thinking and the reason why are you thinking in that way.
    But you are a fighter. It seems like you don't care, what is the easier way, you want to understand them, give happiness and this make you a good person. You are young, but you already know a lot of things, what others maybe never will. You know how easily to misunderstand others. You know the pain and you know the anger. But you still want help and give kindess. You are amazing. You are strong. You could make other choices and hate and hurt everybody, like they do with you, but you don't want this. We need more people like you.
    It's hard to find our place in that world, specially with your past and pain. Pain can make others to afraid of you, because they don't want suffer and easier to hate you. But It's not your falt. You shouldn't die just because of others. There are people in the world, who will love you, just you have to find each other. You will find your group, if you keep trying. You are young and the real life is just starting nowadays. Grown up is hard. Teenagers years are reaaly hard. And being an adult is also hard, but it gives you more chances. Maybe you should try to make friendship in a totally different places where no one know you. Maybe you should left everything behind and start a new life. It's a little bit like you die, but just only that way you won't have to countinue this life. But you won't give up everything and finish your life. You give your self new chances. Somebody said me once that if you have choice, you can make changes. But death won't give you any more choice. And you shouldn't have to believe that you are a bad person. Just the others don't even trying to understand you. You should keep fighting, beacouse you're amazing, you survived those things, you are strong, and I think because of these you can find your place once.
  5. GreySilence

    GreySilence Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry Faber, that you had to go through so much, especially when your intentions were only pure and good.
    You sound like a wonderful person, and we need more caring people like yourself.
    I hope that you get to meet that girl again when she gets older, it is so wrong that her father cut you out of her life, but he can't control her forever.
    It's so unprofessional that your psychiatrists would betray you and turn the school against you.

    If you died, I'm certain that the girl you used to be friends with would be very sad.

    Things might get better in the future, try to stay hopeful! Someone like you definitely deserves a chance to be happy.
    The world might seem very cruel, and some parts of it are, but there is a lot of good in the world too- just keep searching for it.
  6. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    After a couple days, I'm learning faster and faster about how the human mind works.
    You tell me to keep fighting, you tell me that i don't pick the easy way and hate everyone, you tell me to keep searching happiness outside of where I am.
    But how can I keep fighting, knowing that nothing I do will be ever seen as it is? Knowing everyone will twist what I do to make me look like Hitler?
    Why trying to hurt everyone if the happiness I give already hurts?
    Why search happiness outside Italy, if the only way to do that is to be a billionaire and to sneak outside with an invisible plane?
    Because all these three things will eventually kill me.
    I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to be loved by someone. F. probably got raped by her father and I didn't protect her. Now she will be traumatized...
    .....I'm seriously thinking to start being a bastard. Think about it. Why do nice people always finish last? Why are all the richest people bastards? Why does everyone love who you hate most?
    Example: In a brutal car crash, two cars flip down a hill. A poor family of nice, mistreated people, mother, father, and kids, all dead. While the immigrant that was drinking and driving, and stole from everyone, and caused the crash, survived. And guess what? He wasn't even charged, and everyone tried to help him.
    Why does this happen? It happens because the world works through inverse karma.
    You are an asshole? You get money, girls, people who like you, and love.
    You are nice? You die.
    I wanted to leave italy and search happiness outside. But since i can't, because italy is worse than north korea, i will start being an asshole from now on, and I will see what happens.
    If I suddenly get loved by everyone, i won't need this post anymore...
  7. GreySilence

    GreySilence Well-Known Member

    Bad things happen to nice people, and the world is often unfair, that much is true. Not everything and everyone is out to hurt nice people though. Keep searching, you will find someone who understands and accepts you. There are so many people in the world, most bad, but there are a few good ones.

    Don't go off and act like a jerk though, we have more than enough jerks in the world as it is. Every nice person makes a difference. Any love you might find while acting like a jerk is just a fake and shallow type of love. Real love is reserved for the nice people.
  8. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    Ok, I'm fucking done.
    I am nice, and 7300000000 people hate me.
    I am an asshole, and 7300000000 people hate me.
    I do nothing, and 7300000000 people hate me.
    And I love everyone.
    Why do you hate me?
    What have I done to you?
    Why do you keep lying?
    Why do you act like you're helping me?
    Why do you want me dead?
    Why do you want me to suffer?
    Why do you make everyone hate me?
    What do you want?
    What makes you happy?
    Why are you not happy with me?
    Why do you defame me?
    Why do you spread so many lies?
    Why do you lie?
    Why lying?
    Why lie?
    Why lie
    why lie
  9. Zaheer

    Zaheer Account Closed

    Well the world isn't fair... Not everyone is good and not everyone is bad either...Rather than trying to make people happy you should search for what makes you happy ..

    you can't say 7300000000 people hates you .. atleast I don't
  10. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    You didn't get anything.

    NOTHING makes me happy except seeing other people happy with me.
    And you have NOTHING to prove me that you don't hate me.
  11. Zaheer

    Zaheer Account Closed

    Is me taking affort to reply your post not enough to prove that I don't hate you ?

    You can join any organization which helps people.
  12. FaberMiles

    FaberMiles Banned Member

    That... doesn't prove anything at all...

    ...i'm starting to feel empty...
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