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A Survivors Bill Of Rights

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Preamble To A Survivors Bill Of Rights

We the Survivors of any form of abuse or assault in order to create a more just environment for healing, emotional support, peace of mind, and mental tranquility establish A Survivors Bill Of Rights to secure the blessings of happiness, emotional liberty, and a healing kinship for all survivors.

A Survivors Bill Of Rights

1) People shall make no negative interpretations of who is or isn't a survivor, nor shall any negative judgments be unduly placed upon the shoulders of a survivor.

2) A well intent support structure necessary for the security of a survivors emotional well being shall not be infringed.

3) No survivor in time of crisis or any other time shall have the undue burden of dealing with their emotions by themselves.

4) The rights of a survivor to secure their own peace of mind, cry out for support, and lean on the shoulders of others shall not be violated.

5) No survivor shall be pressured to answer any questions of others they don't feel comfortable answering or talking about. Nor shall any survivor be compelled by ones self or others to engage, read, or contribute to any discussion, conversation, or subject which that survivor isn't ready or chooses not to engage in.

6) In all criminal prosecutions the survivor shall not be put through an unfair, unjust, and cruel cross examination from the courts, prosecution, or assailants family and friends. Further all survivors shall be treated with the utmost respect, courtesy, and comforting manner by all parties involved and the accused shall be restricted from verbal, visual, mental, and physical intimidation towards the survivor.

7) In all cases in which the prosecution of the assailant has been deemed justified and found the assailant guilty of the crime of physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and/or rape, the survivor shall have the right to legal recourse and monetary compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and reimbursement for any and all expenses as a result of medical, or emotional and mental therapy rather it be temporary or ongoing. Further the courts shall enforce this compensation under penalty of further imprisonment of the assailant.

8) Excessive questioning, stress, and evasive examination shall not be imposed upon the survivor in a cruel and uncaring way.

9) These survivor rights shall never be misconstrued or improperly used to limit the rights of that survivor or other survivors.

10) The rights of a survivors personal information, privacy, and circumstances of their assault shall not be trampled upon or unfairly reported and scrutinized by the media rather it be in print, in digital format, on the radio, or on television.

The Ratification of A Survivors Bill Of Rights of all the survivors in the world, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Survivors Bill Of Rights. This is done in this forum by the Unanimous Consent of the Survivors present the Sixth Day of September in the Year of two thousand and eleven and of the well being of all survivors of the world. We have hereunto subscribed our Names,

Julia C

Please copy and paste the above text of the A Survivors Bill Of Rights and accumulating signatures, add/scribe your name in consent of its ratification.
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